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Important documents  in Gujarati on RTR

  1. Four page document in Gujarati explains how proposed 3 line law can reduce poverty, corruption in 4 months –           
  2. Two page document in Gujarati explains why corruption in US police, courts is less than corruption in Police, Courts in India —
  3. Reference in Gujarati. Pls download the reference because Gujarati fonts don’t appear well on Google doc — 

About my Right to Recall movement : I started the “Right to Recall” movement  in oct-1998. Now I have renamed the movement as “Movement for Appearance based Positive Right to Recall Drafts” . (The renaming had to be done  to counter psuedo-recallists like The Anna and their fake right to recall movement. I will explain this in detail later). I had published drafts for right to recall PM, right to recall Supreme Court Chief judge, rtr RBI Governor etc  in oct-1998. I revised the drafts in 2004 and added sms/atm features in the drafts in jan-2008. The drafts became more well known amongst non-80G-activists after I contested loksabha-2009 election to spread more information about RTR. Today, there are some 200-300 volunteers all over India spending about 4-5 hours a week in spreading information about RTR-drafts. The main difference or “innovation” in my proposed rtr procedures as against rtr procedures used in USA is that my proposed rtr procedures  use “in-person appearance” and not signatures.  So the rtr procedures I have proposed are cheaper and prone to fraud. eg rtr PM and rtr Supreme judge will cost zero rupees to Government and will cost mere Rs 3 per citizen (or barely Rs 250 crore to all citizens) who want change. And this cost will come down to few below Rs 5 crore atm\sms based procedures are kept in place. And rtr does not increase instability as once rtr comes, PM, CM, judges, MPs, MLAs etc behave well and so need to recall doesn’t come often (eg in US only 2 out of 500-700 Governors faced recall). Despite such low costs and zero possibility of instability, we have irresponsible people like L K Advani, Subramanian Swamy, Subhash Kashyap, CEC Kureshi, ex-CEC Lingdoh spreading lies that rtr is too expensive and will bring instability. The reality is that LKA or Swamy or Election Commission has never ever conducted a study on rtr and are merely throwing lies. And biggest damage is coming from psuedo-recallists such as The Anna and The Team who deliberately insist on draftless debates on rtr and insist on very cumbersome/expensive and fraud prone signature based procedures to enable anti-recallists to defame rtr.

I need your time (only time, I am against donations) to spread correct information on RTR, tackle those who are spreading lies against RTR (such as LKA, Subramanian Swamy, exe-CEC Lingdoh , CEC Kureshi, Subhash Kashyap) and also expose psuedo-recallists such as The Anna and The Team.

So what is this Right to Recall in short?

So what is this “Right to Recall” in short? It means exact procedure by which citizens replace PM, Supreme Court judges, CM, MPs, MLAs, Reserve Bank Governor or any official from PM to Collector to Sarpanch if the need be. What is the importance of RTR?

Well, let me ask you one question first. The question is very important. Say you own a factory with 100 employees such as managers, laborers etc. And suddenly Govt makes 2 new rules –

1.      you can NOT expel managers till they are 65 years and cant expel any workers for next 5 years

2.      every month, money from your account will be deducted and salary will go to your employees.

My question to you is : then after three months, will the level of indiscipline increase or decrease? I will re-ask this question : three months after these new rules come, will level of indiscipline increase or decrease? Pls read further only after answering this question.

IOW, if we the commons of India, can not expel judges, MPs, Ministers, IAS etc they will all become indisciplined, corrupt, nepotic etc. This is what Shri Sanyal, Guru of Bhagat Singh said in 1925. RTR was implemented in Greece in 600 BC and made Greece so powerful that Greece could win up to the river Yamuna. And has been implemented in US since 1800s and is main reason why US has been able to conquer Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, Libya and India may be next. But one doesn’t need examples of Greece and US to get the idea behind of right to recall — it is plain vanilla common sense. Most problems of us commons in India are not different from the factory owner who can not fire workers for 5-35 years. And the solutions to our problems is also trivial — procedures by which we may expel officers, Ministers, judges.

Why IYO corruption in US policemen and judges is less than corruption in India’s policemen and judges? Are policemen and judges in US so dumb that they dont know how to squeeze money from citizens? Or are they all saints and dont want any extra money? Surely, not. And if we say education is the reason, then are policemen/judges in India illiterate? All this are non-reasons. The real reason why policemen/judges in US take much less bribes than policemen/judges in India is only because citizens in US have procedures by which they can expel/replace District Police Commissioner and District Judges. Why do judgments in US courts come in 6 months in over 99% cases? Because citizens have Right to Recall District Judges, High Court Chief Judges, District Public Prosecutors etc.

  1. Important video etc on RTRThree videos (2-3 min each) of Rajiv Dixitjee’s speeches on RTR —  , ,
  2. Forth video (3 min) of Rajiv Dixitjee’s speech on RTR in mass public in Mungeli , Chhatisgadh on nov-28-2010,  two days before he was murdered. Dixitjee wanted mass-movement on Right to Recall MPs, Swiss Bank money, unemployment, price rise and Swadeshi, and not Janlokpal which is meant to increase strength of MNCs —
  3. Why British paid media to project Mohanbhai and any how it helped British  (10 min) – by Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta  —–
  4. Anna as Mohanbhai and how it will ruin India using MNC-pal by Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta by Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta —-
  5. How MNC will destroy Bharat (10 min) by Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta ——–
  6. Problem of Bangladeshies in India and solutions (50 min) by Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta — the video describes a mere Rs 200 cr solution by which over 95% of bangladeshies can expelled –
  7. Proposals on taxation (wealth tax, inheritance tax etc.) by Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta. Why transaction tax is bad, and why wealth tax is best of all possible tax codes  —–
  8. Detailed information about Right to Recall law-drafts by Rahul Mehta —-